Vipul S. Chawathe


Computer engineer doing software professional work, making backends of immersive apps' dataflow agent swarm based proactive actions models.
Crafting Choice Machines as proactive actions dataflow.
Enlivening offline first Information Architecture as immersive and interactive apps.


Intelligence Augmentation, Leadership

Core Competency

Relates with:

Highest Educational Qualification

M. Tech. (Computer Engineering)
V. J. T. I.

Secured CGPA 8.0 from Mumbai's premier engineering institution (not to be confused with elite IITs.)


firmware authoring
cross compilation
UWP software development: Visual C++
online content publishing: ePub3/DITA, webGL, webAssembly

Inspired by

DragonFly BSD's LWKT
ErLang's "Let It Crash" pattern
User Interface Continuations
Cortana's ProActive Actions
BSD's portalfs
Semantic Highlighting
XFN Friendly

Technology I want to work using

Accelerated Massive Parallelism

Favorite tools

Electronics hardware: tinyAVR
Transpiler: Nim
Runnable Userspace Meta Program (RUMP): netBSD
Scripting: Red
CLI & Source Text Editor: Friendly Interactive SHell (FISh) & EMacs
package management 0install
Diagram editor: LibreOffice Draw
DevOps CI/CD monotone ... Distributed Revision Control Gated Check-Ins / GitLab CD

Online Stack:

Services: Heroku, CloudI, eJabberd Jingle, Mnesia, ... (ErLang)
Web Application Framework: Go net HTTP, server side rendering: Ruby on Rails, client side rendering: Social Linked Data (SoLiD)
Template Engines: PERL6 ... data driven apps with Parsing Expression Grammars, MoaRVM grapheme strings, supplies and taps
Collaboration: Super Dimension Fortress (SDF), WebDAV, Etherpad: the multiplayer collaborative software (based on Doug Engelbart's early demo), TeleHash, Client Integrated Micro Blogging Architecture (CIMBA)
Data Stores: XML


Message Passing Concurrency
Composition Filters
SMS Event reminders
Self Documenting Code
Cooperative storage clouds
Kanban teamwork streamlining
Open Cobalt


Computer engineer doing software professional work, making backends of immersive apps' dataflow agent swarm based proactive actions models; while integrating, akin to middleware, cognitive computing machine learning data science libraries and bot micro-services with frontend UI design frameworks, for intelligence augmentation using personal computing, mixed reality, and multimodal devices continuum. Unlike general artificial intelligence, I deal exclusively with the Intelligent Systems narrowly focussed on Augmented Intelligence.
Sustaining ethics through rebalancing entitlements.

FWIW, any of my artifact fragments appearing unlicensed, that I've willingly pushed to public domain, are dual licensed as either copyfree 3 clause BSD or with patent grants as copyleft IBM Public license.